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2016 Fast 50: Net Conversion


Top executives: Co-founders Ryan Fitzgerald, 40; and Frank Vertolli, 46

Employees: 24

Locations: One

3 key clients: Universal Studios Hollywood, Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board, Pebble Beach Resort


Advice to other entrepreneurs: Fail fast, learn from mistakes quickly and often

Biggest challenge in 2015 and what you learned from it: Rapid growth forced us to let go of control of certain aspects of our agency, but also allowed us to empower members of our team to step up into leadership roles.

What about your company keeps you up at night? Delivering the same high-touch attention to our clients at scale

What executive/CEO do you most admire and why? Elon Musk, a disruptor in multiple industries who always is striving to improve

Has your company ever participated in a U.S. Small Business Administration program? SBA commercial loan, 2010. We bought an office building with an SBA loan that we occupied with our agency for several years

How has your firm adjusted to new challenges caused by rapid growth? We’ve been very fortunate to have a very dedicated team that steps up to any challenge and we’ve purposefully added new staff with the same dedication.

What do you expect your 2016 revenue to be?$5 million

How will your company reach the next level? By continuing to invest in our team

What are you investing profits into? Staff and technology to streamline and facilitate data analysis

What’s your strategy to be able to hire enough qualified workers to keep up with your growth? It’s hard to find talent in our industry, so we have a robust intern program that we’re able to pull full-time staff from post-graduation. We also will look very hard at creating a role if we come across a great hire opportunity but don’t have an immediate opening.