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What Facebook’s Changes Mean to You and What is Net Con doing about it?

In addition to the changes allowing users better control over their personal data, Facebook recently announced more restrictions to the ways data is used for advertising on its platform, particularly information from third-party providers. Here are more details on how and when these restrictions may potentially impact your campaigns.

  • What changes are being made:
    • Over the next six months, Facebook will deprecate Partner Categories (those coming from vendors such as Acxiom, Oracle Data Cloud, Epsilon and Experian). The changes will apply only to third-party data sources.
    • Facebook is phasing out the use of all third-party targeting capabilities, including behavioral parameters such as In-market, Purchasing Behavior and Household Income, as they come from the 3rd party providers.
    • Ad sets using third-party targeting will cease to deliver to campaigns using partner categories but will continue to run if they use other targeting delivery to those audiences.
  • When changes will take effect:
    • May 10, 2018: deadline for creating new or editing existing campaigns using Partner Categories built on audiences from the UK, Germany, and France. These campaigns will be allowed to run until May 24, 2018.
    • May 25, 2018: To comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Facebook will stop delivering to Partner Categories built on audiences from the UK, Germany, and France, and these targeting options will no longer be available for use on its platform. Clients will be notified to update any targeting containing impacted Partner Categories before this date.
    • June 30, 2018: Last day for creating new or editing existing campaigns using non-EU Partner Categories. These campaigns will run until September 30.
    • October 1, 2018. All other Partner Categories will no longer be available as targeting options in US, Brazil, Japan and Australia. Facebook will stop delivering against these audiences. Clients will be notified to update targeting by this date.
  • What can you do about it?
    • You can continue to create Custom Audiences from data that you have the rights, permissions, and lawful basis to use. 
    • Review the audiences in your ad sets to see if they pull from third-party data partners and replace where possible with Facebook-native audiences.
  • What is Net Conversion doing in response to Facebook’s changes? Net Conversion is currently evaluating all Facebook campaigns we are running for our partners. Initial review suggests that the changes will have minimal impact to a very small number of partner campaigns. We will communicate separately with each of the partners potentially impacted and propose alternative strategies to ensure that we continue to meet your digital marketing goals and KPIs.