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Measuring Matters

They say you can't manage something if you can't measure it. But how do you make sure that you are using the right measures? In digital marketing, it is all too often easy to be misled by measurements that have been compromised or manipulated in some way. Making sure that we deliver reliable, clean measurement data that enables our partners to make smart business decisions has always been Net Conversion’s highest priority. That’s why we partner only with the most trusted vendors and why we are excited to see Google’s continuous support for standards that make digital marketing measurements Trustworthy, Intelligent and Actionable.

Viewability is one of those standards. Today, advertisers often struggle with media placements that don’t even have a chance to be viewed by people. Worse yet, many vendors promote misleading or even deceptive measures of viewability. 
By incorporating the Media Rating Council (MRC) viewability standard (at least 50% of an ad must be in view for at least one second for display ads and two seconds for video ads) into its viewable impression measurement technology, Google recognizes that advertisers deserve transparency and fairness in their media buys. NC says “Yeah!” More at Think with Google