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News from the Facebook Global Partner Summit

Earlier this month, Net Conversion sent a few of its top, ahem, converts to this year’s Facebook Global Partner Summit in New York City. Here’s their first-hand report on the latest news and announcements from the event.

The theme of the Summit was Co-Create with many of the sessions focused on ways that media buyers, creatives, developers, and advertisers could work together to explore the potential of the Facebook Ad platform. The main tools that peaked Net Con’s interest for our partners included:

  • Messenger Ads – For advertisers, being able to engage consumers with a brand in Messenger and then entice them to visit the brand website and ultimately purchase, is a very appealing ad product. As an agency that is using Messenger Ads, we were inspired by the use cases presented at the Summit to look for ways to expand into bot conversations. This extension can be very effective at establishing a 1:1 relationship with consumers and can help increase the likelihood of conversions by narrowing the media conversation to what they are most interested in. In the coming months we will be working to figure out how to implement this tactic in future campaigns.
  • Another exciting tool announced at the Partner Summit for us was Facebook's new Creative Compass Tool which measures the potential effectiveness of an ad before it goes live. It provides metrics to evaluate how noticeable an ad will be once released in the News Feed, how likely it is to be understood by its audience and, most importantly, how high the ad’s potential is to trigger an action.

Find out more about Creative Compass and the other major announcements that Facebook made at the event, including a new Facebook Marketing Consultants certification and a new Facebook Pro program. Facebook has been in the news lately and not always for the best reasons. But when it comes to supporting its partners and its small business affiliates, the company is doing things right.